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  • A unique external wall insulation system

    At Mauer UK Ltd it’s our mission to provide innovative, efficient and cost-effective insulation solutions, to help tackle fuel poverty in the UK.

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    Mauer are pleased to announce the release of the innovative Mauer Facade System

    Mauer Facade System
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    View the Mauer EWI and Facade System Brochures and the KIWA BDA Agrement Certificate

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At Mauer

Mauer UK has developed and designed a unique external wall insulation (EWI) System to address the challenges and obstacles faced in the current solid wall insulation market. Mauer manufacture this product within the UK.

Our finished product looks and feels just like brick or stone, is available in various brick/stone and mortar colour options and can be produced in bespoke patterns and sizes.

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How Mauer works

Delivered to site in a property-specific kit of parts and instructions, the Mauer External Wall Insulation System is a high-performance insulation system designed to target properties built with solid walls, or narrow (hard-to-treat) cavities. Using unique and patented offsite production processes Mauer replicates the existing substrate – creating a fresh finish to the façade combined with technically proven energy efficiency.



Mauer will attend the property to carry out the laser scan survey. Site notes will also be taken to help identify the key challenges in the bespoke design process. Discussions may be held at this stage to identify the best colour match that Mauer can offer.



Following completion of the offsite fabrication process Mauer will deliver the property specific kit of parts, along with a full pack of instructions for the installer. Using our unique installation methods the Mauer Approved Installer will complete the system install in line with the project plan.



On completion the customer will receive a sign-off pack from the Installer, which will include an on-site inspection of the completed installation by a Mauer Technical Surveyor. Advice will also be given regarding the any potential changes to the thermal performance of the property to highlight any habitual changes required to ensure that the customer feels the benefits of the Mauer System.

Multiple components are required to make our system work. All components are integral to each other, with each part playing a critical role. We take pride in the quality, efficiency and value for money of each and every component part of the Mauer system.

Innovation & design

Who can benefit from the Mauer system?

The Mauer system offers an exceptional range of features and benefits from a full on-site laser survey, simple 'jigsaw' construction method, superb moisture and vapour release system through to quick, low-cost, safe installation and all protected by a 30 Year Lifecycle KIWA BDA Agrement Certificate and stand-alone 10 Year Insurance Backed Product Guarantee.

House Owners


Create a warmer more comfortable home
Energy Providers

Energy Providers

Fulfil your ECO Obligation with confidence


Offer your customer an exciting, new, and inexpensive product
The Government

The Government

Helping you deliver cost effective Energy Efficiency schemes

Features & Benefits

The Mauer system offers an exceptional range of features and benefits from a full on-site laser survey, simple ‘jigsaw’ construction method, superb moisture and vapour release system through to quick, low-cost, safe installation and all with a 10-year weather guarantee and BDA KIWA Agrement Certificate (ETAG 034). Here are some of the products outstanding features, accreditations, guarantees and Insurances.

Laser Scan

Quality and accuracy of design – using Leica Geo Systems laser scanning equipment for each and every property - Mauer creates millimetre accurate point clouds (converted to CAD) to ensure every property is produced as a unique design

No weather delays

All year round installation is possible, with no delays due to cold or wet weather


Innovative and simple ‘jigsaw’ method of installing pre-fabricated Mauer Composite Facade Boards ensures the quickest end to end install of any solid wall insulation system on the market


Design features, including A1 Non-Combustible Knauf Supafil Frame Insulation, allow vapour to release

Peace of mind

Mauer UK Ltd take manufacturer’s design liability for all standard and bespoke technical details (Installer to take installation/workmanship liability as standard)

30 Year Guarantee

The Mauer EWI System is KIWA BDA Agrement Certified for a 30+ Year Lifecycle
Certificate Number: BAW-18-024-S-A-UK

Fire Integrity

Mauer EWI & Facade Systems are classified as Euroclass A2 Non-Combustible - in accordance with EN 13501-1

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